No-code & low-code movement: The dawn of a new age

The two most important growth factors determining the long-term success of your product or service and ultimately your organization are user feedback and rapid iterations based on the feedback. If it is so important, how in the world are we supposed to technically be able to do it while at the same time staying under budget? As you all know, development costs can easily break the bank.

Solution: no-code and low-code tools.

Let's say you are a small business owner who needs a simple website, online store, or mobile app, but you don't have a developer on your team. With low-code platforms, you can bring your website or app to life without having to hire costly development services. On top of this, you are going to be able to support the project in-house.

In its simplest form, the low-code/no-code movement is about making it easier for people to develop software without having to write much code. There are several different platforms and tools that fall under this umbrella, but they all share one common goal: helping you bring your product/service to the market and iterate fast.

Here are some of the tools we are talking about:

  • Webflow – website design and development
  • Bubble – mobile and web apps
  • Flutter Flow 3.0 – mobile and web apps
  • Wized – build applications with no code
  • Retool – visual programming for internal tools
  • AirTable – databases
  • Zapier – API automation
  • – connect cloud apps
  • Memberstack – website memberships
  • Stripe – online payments
  • Notion – collaboration and project management
  • JotForm – web forms

With traditional methods, making even small changes to an existing application could require a complete rewrite, but with low-code/no-code this isn't an issue. Changes can be made quickly and easily, without sacrificing stability or quality. This democratization of app development is empowering businesses of all sizes to build custom applications they need to solve their unique problems quickly and cost-effectively.

The sooner your startup gets to the minimum viable product (MVP) the sooner your organization becomes profitable.

Stop complaining and go develop a remarkable product for your customer.

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