GPT 4.0 & Google Cloud AI: How can you use it today?

The fight to offer the best AI model to the market is at its peak. The leaders are apparent. On one side we have Microsoft with its massive Open AI investment and on the other Google introducing one functional AI model after another.

The two companies have quite different approaches when it comes to AI business models and applications:

  • Microsoft (Open AI) is going for a more general model that can be tweaked and applied in various environments. Their model was fed a large body of data, but was trained using older GPUs. Just yesterday Open AI introduced GPT 4.0 AI model and it is awesome! (see below)
  • Google on the other side is focused on integrating AI into their existing products making them more appealing. They focus on functionality that is tailored to specific use cases helping you save time using Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Their former Stadia data centers that include top-notch GPUs seem to have been repurposed into training new AI models giving Google an edge here.

Two different approaches, but one problem these two companies are working to solve: helping you save time. And we know people are happy to pay for time-saving functionality (think Uber).

One question remains. Trust. Are these models easy to work with to make them accurate enough to be used in mission-critical applications and thus will they be adopted by the general market?

What's in it for me?

The one AI use case you need to pay attention to when it comes to your business is the functionality of AI models where you can feed it your own data, be it a large set of support documentation, catalog of resources, corporate knowledge base, or offer details letting the model digest the information and produce actionable insights for your users.

Now, that could be a game-changing factor in your user experience design helping you separate from the competition today.

Compare current AI offers

- Open AI GPT 4.0 announcement (3 min):
- Google Workspace AI intro (2 min):

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