Aging Congress

In 2022, the overall approval of Congress has been pretty low, around 20%. In other words, only every 5th person in the U.S. is happy with the way the legislative body operates. Why? Well, decisions are made mostly by people over the age of 60. Moreover, the share of congress members over the age of 70 has risen to 23%. Compare this to <5% in the 1800s and to small business owners of which only 4% belong to the same age category. Small businesses, the private sector of the economy provide most of the jobs in the country. Not surprisingly, many Americans consider Congress to be an ineffective group of politicians who lack connection with their voters.

It is a good question whether congressmen and congresswomen are up to speed on modern technologies, financial, and societal issues they have to regulate. Go watch Mark Zuckerberg or crypto CEOs' senate hearings and judge the quality of senators’ questions for yourself.

With one quarter of Congress being older than 70, is our government effective and positioned for growth? What archaic and silly laws and unnecessary regulations can you think of that creates a bottleneck for your operations?

We believe you agree that laws and regulations in these industries need to be reviewed most notably:

  • Economy
  • Taxation
  • Fintech
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Healthcare
  • Criminal justice
  • Technology and supply chain as matters of national security

What industries can you think of that need new and fresh laws? Let us know your thoughts.

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