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It is important to surround yourself with people smarter than you. Successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and mentors who are there to answer your questions and help you with a particular issue that you are currently dealing with. Bring your current growth related issues for a group discussion and get valuable feedback. Let's grow together.

How it got started?

In 2016, during Startup Week Chattanooga, a group of entrepreneurs decided to start a group where growth ideas and practices were shared and meaningful connections were made.

Why do we do this?

Local businesses create jobs and sustain economies all over the world. We believe in empowering those who need help the most. We are here to do exactly that.

Why free?

Entrepreneurs and small businesses that are just starting at times do not have large budgets. We make a good chunk of our events and training free in order to support them.

optimize yourself


Optimize yourself

Your capacity, your motivation and drive, your mental health all play a vital role in your day-to-day life. As entrepreneurs, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves first.

grow your business

Your Business

Grow your business

Start with your user in mind. Decide what problem you are solving. Package your solution into a well-optimized product or service. And only then scale.

impact your community

Your Community

Connect & grow your impact

Most fulfilled people are the ones who recognize the following: "life that is worth living is a life lived for others". We invite you to take a leap and start impacting the lives of others.

Growth Clinic Mentors

Anton Demenchuk, MBA

Anton Demenchuk, MBA

CEO @ Cresco Group

"Strategy over tactics. Start with your user in mind. You will always be on the right track thinking this way."

lean design
Nikolay Timoshchuk Jr. (@NikoTJR)

Nikolay Timoshchuk Jr. (@NikoTJR)

Influencer. Author. Entrepreneur.

"In order to grow you gotta go. Along the way, smile more, worry less, and stay blessed."

social media
Matt Carrington

Matt Carrington

CEO @ White Bison

"Stampede like a bison directly thru storms to find your sunny green pasture. Value is created when we break down the unclear and uncertain into the obvious."

consumer goods
Daniel Lucas

Daniel Lucas

Podcast Host, VP of Innovation, Inventor

"Creating fulfillment requires preparing and embracing big challenges outside of your comfort zone. Let's create fuel for a life worth living."


By entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs.

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