Inhale peace. Exhale stress.

Americans are very stressed out. According to Gallup’s data, the percentage of the U.S. population experiencing stress is 20% higher than the global average of 35%. Let’s see some of the stress-related stats:

  • 94% of workers reporting feeling chronically stressed at work.
  • 63% of US workers are ready to quit their job to avoid work-related stress.
  • 55% of Americans experience stress throughout the day. It is especially true for younger generations, who are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety than older ones.
  • Out of all states, people in Montana reported being the least stressed with a total stress score of 26.81, while Louisiana is the most stressed state with a score of 59.94.
  • Workplace stress costs businesses an estimated $300 billion each year.
  • Nearly two-thirds of professionals say their stress levels at work are higher than they were five years ago (Korn Ferry survey)

How does stress affect your employees?

Some of the most common sources of stress may include work, financial, relationship, and health problems. Add to it the global news and issues that, let’s be honest, cause a significant amount of stress for us all as well. Given all that happened in the past three years: west coast riots, forest fires, a major pandemic, economic downturn, a possible nuclear “apocalypsis”, at least according to Biden. Some people may be expecting a zombie invasion in 2023.

Even though you have all the reasons to be stressed, keep in mind that stress negatively influences your physical and mental well-being. Brian Wind, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at JourneyPure, believes that we can reduce our overall stress levels by learning how to curb unhealthy thought patterns, developing positive self-talk and an optimistic outlook on life and people as well as taking care of perfectionist thinking habits, and learning to accept change. He also advises journaling, expanding your hobbies, doing regular yoga, and meditation.

Other sources suggest spending time outdoors, stretching, cuddling with a pet, listening to music, and connecting with people. Some choose nutritional supplements such as green tea, dark chocolate, lavender, magnesium, lemon balm, and kava… to curb lighter daily stress.

Find your own ways to constructively deal with stress before it becomes a debilitating problem for you and those around you. We would love to see the Growth Clinic community as a safe space where we can share such important matters and collectively hack the matrix.

Keep calm, and go dig yourself a nuclear bomb shelter.

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