Growth Design Manifesto


Be good

  • Self-centeredness is the biggest evil in the world
  • Freedom & human rights
  • Human health & environment

Solve problems & create value

  • Change people's lives for the better

Focus on essential

  • 99% of things out there are not important
  • Don't waste your time and talent


  • Give freely when possible
  • Don't expect anything in return
  • Love people

Your Craft

User-centered approach

  • Design solutions based on people's needs
  • Turn solutions into usable and accessible products

Be strategic

  • Break down large goals into small actionable tasks
  • Test & scale
  • Think long-term

Continuous improvement

  • Master (learn & practice) your craft
  • Fail fast and iterate often
  • Learn from mistakes and become more self aware

Measure your impact

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your efforts

Your Community

Make friends

  • Connect with your users & partners

Connect people

  • create your network or community
  • Create synergy. We are stronger together

Give second chances

  • Start with trust
  • Give people second chances

Have fun

  • Don't forget to have fun!

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